Crystal Rock: Easy DIY Designs

Crystal Rock: Easy DIY Designs

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Mar 6th 2018

Crystal Rock DIY CostumeCrystal Rock DIY Costume Crystal Rock DIY Costume             

When Swarovski® introduced Crystal Rock and Crystal Fabric, we fell in love at first sight. We immediately envisioned bedroom walls and proscenium stages solidly swathed, floor to rafters, in the crystal texture. But, alas, big dreams require big efforts, so we’ll keep it simple and scale back to an easy but fabulous costume design. 

Crystal Rock has been getting a lot of attention when we display it in our showroom or on the road. Why? Because it’s different. And, it’s stunning. You know how toast looks and tastes better when the peanut butter is spread thickly all the way to the crust edges? Now, imagine if the toast was an iron-on applique and the peanut butter was Swarovski® crystals. And, your mom cut a pretty shape out of it with a cookie cutter. Crystal Rock is made up of tiny pointed back crystals, faceted on all sides so they look like mini diamonds. These lay pavé-style in a flexible, heat-activated backing that can be cut up, glued on, ironed on, decorated, layered, washed, and shaken (not stirred). 

Crystal Fabric is even small crystal mixed with round, unfaceted crystal sprinkles. It’s basically Crystal Rock Lite. (Um…a peanut butter crepe?) The crystals sit flush on the applique shape, but in a subtly textured surface that catches every tiny trace of light. Both Rock and Fabric catch so many eyes because they have a different light refraction than we’re used to seeing on stage. 

Heavy embellishment is still a hot trend, and the inclusion of these Swarovski® pieces adds a rich, designer look with little labor. Both Rock and Fabric appliques are easy to build a design around: · Use our exclusive shapes as is, or trim them to fit your own designs · Layer identical shapes of Crystal Fabric underneath Crystal Rock for a shadow effect · Tuck some large cushion back crystals around for Hollywood glamour · Glue flat back crystal shapes directly on top of the appliques · Add lace or a whispery chiffon over the applique for an abstract finish, we also love to make custom hairpieces, necklaces and earrings with these Crystal Rock and Crystal Fabric shapes! Glue small shapes directly onto our DIY earring components and hair combs, or start with a felt or mesh backing for a comfortable foundation and glue or iron on the flexible applique shapes. 

Alayna_Earrings DIY_sample_barrett_02 DIY_sample_earrings

Shop for Swarovski and let you imagination be your guide!   -xo- Jemm