DIY Dance Costume (Simple)

DIY Dance Costume (Simple)

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Nov 27th 2019

It's quite simple to sparkle your own design with any of our crystal brands. Here we chose PriceLess Crystals, our most cost-effective crystal. Which still allows your costume to sparkle and standout. By creating your own DIY costume you become the designer, creative director and budget manager. We show you examples here by simply adding crystals to basic leotards, a hat, fishnets, gloves, shoes, and a tutu. We added a bit more sparkle as well, by accessorizing with our Star Light Crystal earrings and choker. Now, go take the stage and shine in the spotlight!

      DIY Dance Costume (Simple) - Full Body - Leotard     DIY Dance Costume (Simple) - Full Body - Tutu

    DIY Dance Costume (Simple) - Upper Body - Leotard     DIY Dance Costume (Simple) - Upper Body - Leotard 2

Priceless Crystals: Crystal 30ss and Jet Hematite 20ss

Star Light Crystal Jewelry: 3 Row Rhinestone Choker in Crystal and 20mm Performance Earrings in Jet Hematite

Priceless Crystals - Crystal  Crystal

                                                    Priceless Crystals - Jet Hematite  Jet Hematite

                                                    Star Light Crystal Jewelry - 3 Row Rhinestone Choker - CrystalCrystal


                           Star Light Crystal Jewelry - 20mm Performance Earrings - Jet Hematite    Jet Hematite


Strassing by: Jill Johnson, Rhinestones Unlimited

Leotards and Tutu: Discount Dance Supply

Dancer: Bella Halek