DIY Dance Costumes (Simple)

DIY Dance Costumes (Simple)

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Nov 27th 2019

We are showcasing a couple more of our simple styles of DIY costumes. At first glance, these might not appear so "simple", yet with adding a few of our appliques to a basic dress or crop top and brief, it is just that...simple! But don't be fooled, as simple doesn't mean you are sacrificing style, sparkle and design. These appliques come in two different options: DIY Appliques (black costume) and Ovation Appliques (blue costume). DIY appliques are where you can add the color and size of crystals yourself and Ovation Appliques are where two different colors of Swarovski crystals were well planned out and placed for the prefect, completed look. Choose your appliques of choice to get the desired look you want and go ahead and get your DIY on!

 DIY Dance Costumes (Simple) - Headshot        DIY Dance Costumes (Simple) - Upper Body   

DIY Dance Costumes (Simple) - Dancing

Black costume:

Swarovski Crystals: Black Diamond Shimmer 30ss, 20ss and 16ss

DIY Appliques: Viola A & B in Black

Black Diamond Shimmer - Swarovski Black Diamond Shimmer  DIY Applique - Black ViolaDIY Applique - Viola A


Strassing by: Elle Bauer, Rhinestones Unlimited

Costume: Discount Dance Supply

Dancer: Ella Winston

DIY Dance Costumes (Simple) - Ovation Appliques - Top       DIY Dance Costumes (Simple) - Ovation Applique - Bottom   

 DIY Dance Costumes (Simple) - Ovation Applique - Hair

Blue costume:

Ovation Appliques: Vinca A & B in Indigo Mix

Star Light Crystal Jewelry: Simple Rivoli Earrings 14mm in Sapphire

Ovation Applique -Vinca AOvation Applique - Vinca A - Indigo 

Ovation Applique - Vinca BOvation Applique - Vinca B - Indigo


Costume: Discount Dance Supply

Dancer: Preslie Lopez



Choose for inspiration, appliques and Swarovski Crystals!