Do You Ever Need To Replace Rhinestones?

Do You Ever Need To Replace Rhinestones?

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Dec 19th 2022

As you’re sitting at your workstation, patiently bedazzling away, a thought crosses your mind: will I have to repeat this process in the future? Nothing in life is truly permanent, and by that standard, rhinestones should eventually wear down, too. But does that mean there will come a time when you need to redo your meticulously placed stones? If you want to know if you ever need to replace rhinestones, we cover the answer here.

Do You Ever Need To Replace Rhinestones?

Do you ever need to replace rhinestones? The answer is that it depends on the quality of the stones you use. Lower-quality rhinestones or rhinestones applied using less-than-ideal glues may discolor and fall off, but high-quality stones should last for as long as the other materials of your craft or garment.

Signs You Need To Replace Your Rhinestones

How do you know when it’s time to replace rhinestones, anyway? If your rhinestones are peeling or falling off, that’s an obvious sign, but here are a few other telltale symptoms of stones that are ready to retire.

Blackened Rhinestones

Did you know that if moisture gets into the foil at the back of a cheap rhinestone, it can tarnish it and make it sooty black? Blackened rhinestones mean you may need to replace them.  None of the quality rhinestones that we sell at Rhinestones Unlimited will turn black.  

Yellowed Rhinestones

This is mainly a problem with cheap resin rhinestones. When you don’t store resin rhinestones correctly, they can turn yellow. This is typically due to a photochemical reaction of the cheap resin materials and is caused by exposure to the sun. You can prevent rhinestones from yellowing by storing them in a dry, dark, and temperature-controlled area or buying only crystal rhinestones such as the four qualities of rhinestones we sell at Rhinestones Unlimited. 

The good news is that these issues happen almost exclusively with low-quality stones and you can easily replace these rhinestones with the glue, tools, and higher quality crystal rhinestones we have available. At Rhinestones Unlimited, we carry top-tier brands that should never experience blackening, or yellowing with. Additionally, fall-off will not happen because of the quality of our crystals if applied correctly. 

Does It Matter Where You Buy Your Rhinestones?

Absolutely! These days, there are a lot of unscrupulous companies trying to pass off low-quality rhinestones as top-tier. You don’t want to purchase rhinestones only to find out they won’t last. You need a trusted reseller that provides products that you can wholeheartedly trust. At Rhinestones Unlimited, our core values are integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior. What you see is what you get! Plus, as a Platinum Preciosa Authorized Partner, we offer some of the best rhinestones made in the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic.  Our 23+ years as a Preciosa and Swarovski partner lend credibility to the quality of our products and services.  Buyer beware- please research before investing much into your rhinestones inventory.  

If you need to replace low-quality stones with ones you know will last, we have the best-quality crystals around. With four brands to choose from, you can easily find replacement stones that will match. Whether you need luxurious purple rhinestones or another color, our many-hued collection has it all. Using our top-quality stones and proper gluing methods will ensure you never lose a rhinestone again.