How to Use Flat Backs in Interior Design

How to Use Flat Backs in Interior Design

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Feb 26th 2015

Continuing this week's stream of clever ways our clever customers incorporate the very versatile flat back rhinestones in their everyday and special occasion projects. Today’s topic is: Flat Backs in Interior Design

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Detail of lamp embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls by Christine Murphy DesignsAssorted glass bottles embellished with Swarovski crystals by Christine Murphy Designs

Flat Backs in Interior Design Oooo, this one’s fun. I’ve seen crystal-encrusted staircases and claw foot bathtubs (and toilets) in solid sparkle worthy of Robin Leech’s notice. I’ve seen stones encased in kitchen countertops and endless cascades of crystal chandeliers. But, glamorous spaces are easier to achieve than you may think. More attainable for we the 99%, I’ve seen tufted settees and ottomans with large Rivoli-cut crystals centered on the buttons. 

Look around your place…what piece needs a bit more personality? What unique feature deserves to stand out? The Rhinestones Unlimited showroom has a pair of comfy green armchairs that are propped under a set of corner windows. The area gets a lot of light and it’s just plain cozy. So, what did we do to entice people to relax in it for a few moments? We took a plain pillowcase and lined up rows of rhinestones across them. The pillows draw admirers and enliven the little corner. Elsewhere around the building we’ve glued stones around mirror frames and over salt and pepper shakers. We’ve even crystallized posters of crystals (yeah, we’re that into ‘em). 

For glitz on a larger scale, Swarovski created gorgeous patterned wallpaper with tiny flat backs already attached, scattered here and there over the design (I can’t get enough of the velveteen-flocked ostrich feather one). This would be an easy enough effect to replicate on your own walls- just glue a few stones onto a specific area of a repeating pattern. You could decorate the edge of a boring lampshade with chessboard-cut squares, or adorn an empty vodka bottle-turned-vase. 

For a quick mobile or sun-catcher (newborn nursery gift, anyone?) glue back-to-back crystal shapes onto lengths of fishing line or a silk ribbon and hang near a window. My own windows house Swarovski’s holiday ornaments and pendants that I keep hung up year round. I’m still surprised by the delight I get as a grown adult every sun-soaked morning I walk into my living room and see the rainbows thrown over my walls. Use flat back shapes to make your own drawer pulls or edge a simple serving platter. 

DIY antler project, anyone? (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google that trend.) The point is, décor large and small can get a little glamourous when you add flat back stones. They make embellishing so easy. In most every indoor case, all you need is glue and confidence. As with any project, make sure the glue you are using is appropriate to your materials, and always do a test run before jumping in- this helps with the confidence part. Then, use your finished interior design project as an excuse to invite your friends over… and maybe bling up some party decorations. DIY crystal disco ball! 



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