Sparkle in the Spotlight 2021

Sparkle in the Spotlight 2021

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Mar 18th 2022

Sparkle In the Spotlight Competition 2021

2021 marked our 4th annual Sparkle in the Spotlight Crystal Design Contest. The contest which began in 2018 in partnership with Swarovski, has become a favorite of our customers and social media followers.  Every year we look forward to sharing the crystallized costume creations of our beloved customers. 

We are excited to present to you the six 2021 participants in the Sparkle In the Spotlight 2021 costume competition: Lyse Designs, Kendall Sample, HayLau Co, Elite Custom Costumes, Courtney's Customs, April Rition. The 2021 competition featured costuming staple favorites: LUX Austrian Crystal rhinestones, Priceless Crystal rhinestones, and beautiful new Sew On crystals from PriceLess Crystal. 

Our 2021 contestants agreed to the following rules and judging criteria:

- Each contestant will receive their assigned inspiration and crystal color palette and have two months to submit their finished costume.

- Each costume must be made up of at least 70% from the inspiration crystal colors pallet.

- Contestants may not use any other rhinestones or crystal trims other than provided by Sponsor.

- Each Contestant will be provided the same retail value of crystals for their costume.

- Each Contestant must post a minimum of 3 posts to Instagram using the hashtags #SparkleintheSpotlight2021 and #Contest and mention the use of LUX & PriceLess Crystals. 

At the completion of the six months, an independent judging panel of past contestants will judge the costumes to determine the winner of the contest. Rhinestones Unlimited will announce the winner of a $500 Visa gift card in January. Congratulations to all six contestants and we love seeing your creativity at work!

Our Judges:

In 2021, with the absence of Swarovski after their withdrawal from the costuming, do-it-yourself (DIY), and beauty/nails industry, we needed to select a panel of independent judges for our contest.  We turned to some of our talented customers and past participants in the contest.  Thank-you to these three talented and dedicated artists for their time and attention in adjudicating the 2021 Sparkle in the Spotlight contest. 

Kelly Clement with Ignite Dance Connections specializes in custom dance costumes. She is a frequent Rhinestones Unlimited collaborator with her 2018 Sparkle in the Spotlight creation, two costumes for our sponsored dance team, the University of Minnesota Dance Team, and most recently, the MAXIMA Crystals by Preciosa neon flat back rhinestone launch.

Petra Chovancova of Petra Designs, specializing in custom dance sport gowns and Latin dresses. Petra was a Sparkle in the Spotlight contestant back in 2019 and most recently created a vibrant ballroom dress for the MAXIMA Crystals by Preciosa neon flat back rhinestone launch in partnership with Preciosa.

Sharon Luth of Designs by Sharon is a valued collaborator and local Minnesota designer specializing in custom costume designs for dance teams, dance studios, and high end solo costuming. Sharon was also a Sparkle in the Spotlight contestant in 2019.  

1. Lyse Designs - Northern Lights

Product Used: 
LUX European Crystal:

Crystal Rhinestone    Light Sapphire AB Rhinestone

CrystalLight Sapphire AB

PriceLess Crystal:

Crystal AB Rhinestone  Sky Glow Rhinestone  Light Amethyst AB Rhinestone 

Crystal AB UnfoiledSky GlowLight Amethyst AB

PriceLess Crystal Sew Ons: 

Crystal Pear RhinestoneCrystal AB Navette Rhinestone

Crystal PearsCrystal AB Navettes

2. Kendall Sample - Wildflower Prairie

Product Used:

MAXIMA Crystals by Preciosa:
Heliotrope Rhinestone

LUX European Crystal:
Fuchsia Rhinestone

PriceLess Crystal:

Purple Rain Rhinestone Golden Dream Rhinestone Peridot AB Rhinestone
Purple RainGolden DreamPeridot AB

PriceLess Crystal Sew Ons:

Astral Pink Pear RhinestoneRainbow Brite Navette Rhinestone
Astral Pink PearRainbow Brite Navette

Products Used:
LUX European Crystal:
Light Peach Rhinestone  Green Turmaline Rhinestone
Light PeachGreen Turmaline

PriceLess Crystal:
Peridot Rhinestone  Topaz Shimmer Rhinestone  Golden Dream Rhinestone
Peridot - Topaz ShimmerGolden Dream

PriceLess Crystal Sew Ons:

Succulent Navette RhinestoneSucculent Pear Rhinestone

Succulent Navette & Pears

4. Elite Custom Costumes - Bright Lights, Big City

Products Used:
LUX European Crystal: 
Light Chrome Rhinestone  Crystal Rhinestone
Light ChromeCrystal

PriceLess Crystals:
Moonlight Rhinestone  Champagne Rhinestone  Jet Diamond Rhinestone
MoonlightChampagneJet Diamond

PriceLess Crystal Sew Ons: 

Black Diamond Navette Rhinestone
Black Diamond Navettes

5. Courtney's Customs - Sunset by the Sea

Products Used:
LUX European Crystals:
Fuchsia Rhinestone  Padparadscha Rhinestone

PriceLess Crystals:
Topaz AB Rhinestone  Peach AB Rhinestone  Rose Rhinestone
Topaz ABPeach AB - Rose

PriceLess Crystal Sew Ons: 

Astral Pink Navette RhinestoneAstral Pink Pear Rhinestone
Astral Pink Navettes & Pears

6. OUR 2021 WINNER! April Rition - Majestic Ocean

Products Used:
LUX European Crystals:
Blue Zircon Rhinestone Aquamarine Rhinestone
Blue ZirconAquamarine

PriceLess Crystals:
Majestic Rhinestone Bermuda AB Rhinestone Light Amethyst AB Rhinestone
MajesticBermuda AB - Light Amethyst AB

PriceLess Crystal Sew Ons: 

Majestic Pear RhinestoneOcean Navette Rhinestone

Majestic & Ocean in Navettes and Pears

Congratulations April! 

Stay tuned for our application for next years contest!