Swarovski Nails Inspiration & Innovation

Swarovski Nails Inspiration & Innovation

Posted by Crystals For Nails on Sep 13th 2019

NEW Swarovski Crystals For Nails 

In 2021, JOMO not FOMO (Joy Of Missing Out vs. Fear Of Missing Out) will

be our catchword. A push towards soft, natural and tactile materials in cocooning

shapes that cuddle, and simple styles that relax will become standard. A return

focus on “femininity” will infuse women’s apparel with a tongue-in-cheek approach

as we indulge in the romantic notion of fashion for a purpose.

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Crystal Electric Violet

When the Crystal Electric LacquerPRO family launched in SS20 it sent shockwaves

through the beauty industry. There simply wasn’t anything else like it for eye popping

impact. Now, new Electric Violet adds yet more high-octane color to

this on-trend palette. It’s the UV pigments that give it an electrifying glow, making

fingertips look like they’ve have been dipped in neon.

Our Mix Packs with Lacquer Pro Electric & DeLite colors mixed with Shimmer coated 

colors continue to be HOT this season!


Mini Sized Fancy Stones

Coming in 2020!

Miniature works of art demand materials that are at their most effective when used

small scale. This is why Swarovski has created a new product category particularly

suited to successful three-dimensional nail decoration: Mini Size Fancy Stones.

Petite enough to make application easy, as well as encourage creativity and

allow comfortable wearability, yet striking enough to give remarkable, attention 

grabbing sparkle. Less is most certainly more!

This innovative category features three stunning cuts that provide rich ingredients

for three-dimensional artistry: Mini Oval Fancy Stone, Mini Pear Fancy Stone

and Mini Heart Fancy Stone. They are available in a full spectrum of 13 colors,

together with two of our most popular effects: Crystal AB and Crystal Golden

Shadow. From classic and subtle to modern and playful, this trio offers abundant

and versatile brilliance.

Swarovski For Nails Flat Backs

Coming in 2020!

Added to the Flat Backs range are the exciting Paisley and Cushion cuts. They

add even more choice to this bestselling category, giving greater opportunities for

creating outstanding nail art. Last but by no means least, a new color is lighting

up the Electric LacquerPRO family: Violet is the latest neon sensation to blast its

way onto the beauty scene, and it has already prompted nail artists to power up

their palettes.

It’s the limitless design opportunities offered by Flat Backs that has given them

most-wanted status in the nail art industry. Now, perfect partners Paisley X and

Paisley Y cuts offer more playful potential with organic shapes that can fit together

yin-yang-style or be used to create mirror-image designs on each hand. The new

Cushion shape, meanwhile, boasts the enduring brilliance of a classic gemstone

cut, but with a slimmer lightweight profile. Timeless or contemporary, colorful or

monochrome, this dazzling new Flat Back duo has it all.

Red Rhinestone Nail Inspiration

This inspiring nail art design combines this season's theme as well as one of our

latest product innovations, the Mini Heart Fancy Stone. Coming in time for Valentine's Day 2020!

Red Rhinestone Nail Inspiration

Crystal Beauty Academy

Have you heard about the Swarovski Crystal Beauty Academy? It’s where nail

artists go to develop their skills and artistry and learn the application techniques

necessary for working with premium crystals in the beauty industry. Upon completing

the course, you become part of an elite community: professional nail artists who

can create eye-catching fantasies for fingertips like the one on our cover by the

multi-award winning Hazel Dixon, an Educator at the Crystal Beauty Academy.

Follow @CrystalBeautyAcademy on social media for more information!