Trend Report: 2022 Dancewear Trends

Trend Report: 2022 Dancewear Trends

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Oct 11th 2021

Industry Insight from Rhinestones Unlimited and Mackenzie Larkin Symanietz

It’s the most wonderful time of the year here at Rhinestones Unlimited- costuming season! Time to prep for YOUR most wonderful time of year- dance competition season! As we turn our attention to dancewear, we’re thinking about the trends we think will emerge over the coming months.

To gain even more insight, we chatted with our dear friend and dance teacher, Mackenzie (Kenzie) Larkin Symanietz. As a renowned choreographer, she has a really unique perspective on the matter!

Mackenzie grew up dancing at Larkin Dance Studio.  Her family's dance studio was founded by her grandmother Mrs. Shirley Larkin and is now owned and operated by her mother Molly Larkin Symanietz and aunt Michele Larkin Wagner. In recent years, Kenzie pursued her own career in choreography and teaching and has developed a signature style and reputation for excellence.  Mackenzie's students Ellie & Ava Wagner and Savannah Manzel showcased her choreography and made it to the finals of World of Dance. In addition, Mackenzie choreographed award-winning routines for the 20+ time national championship University of Minnesota dance team. 

Rhinestones Unlimited; Our Take on Upcoming Dance Trends

The Return of Lace

The world of dancewear is seeing the return of lace. Although lace never really goes away, this year it seems to back making a new statement. Watch for the delicacy of lace with the addition of small rhinestones for the right pop of sparkle to make regular appearances on the stage this season.

“I anticipate lace making a real comeback,” says Symanietz. “My favorite costumes are ones with delicate lace that have intricate rhinestone patterns.”

It will be so lovely to see lace incorporated in dance costumes once again!

More Elaborate Pieces

We’re also anticipating a return to more intricate rhinestone costumes, especially when it comes to college dance team contemporary dance routines. This season, we also see that bold colors will make a comeback. After a slew of muted dance costumes, it’ll be fun to enjoy some brightness and sparkle grace the stage again!

“Personally, against the black competition floor, I would love to see a ‘pop’ of something eye-catching,” adds Symanietz.

We have to agree.

Check out Mackenzie's choreography in action!

Exciting Prints

Recently, there’s also been an uptick in printed patterns via sublimation on dancewear. We are excited to see this trend really take off, as is Kenzie.

“I feel that there is so much technology now to print on fabrics. This can make any theme come to life and really take costumes to the next level,” remarks Kenzie. “Detailed designs with rhinestones are incredible! The rhinestones are the key to making designs come to life on stage.”

We hope to see more animal prints for your jungle drum jazz or contemporary routine, themed broadway prints such as a marquis, a yellow brick road, or an iconic stage image for that musical theater number, bolder geometric prints for your 60s inspired tap routine, or a field of flowers print for your soft and uplifting lyrical routine. We are excited to see your creativity this season! Make sure to tag us on social media- especially when incorporating any of the trends we predict, rhinestone patterns, or any of our popular dance costume appliques. We support artists! And, we look forward to a year sharing in your sparkle and creativity!

Create Your Next Dream Dance Costume

Whether you are ready to see these new trends take flight or not, Rhinestones Unlimited has what you need to make your dancewear dreams come true. Shop our Swarovski sale and take a peek at our MAXIMA Crystals by Preciosa -  Preciosa Crystals premium line. We think you’ll find lots of inspiration to pull from.

Need help assembling your rhinestone costume? Our video How to Rhinestone a Dance Costume will tell you what you need to know!

Have a dance costume you want to show off? Send it over! Tag us! We’d love to see it.

Talk to you soon!



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