We Got Spirit, How about You?

We Got Spirit, How about You?

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Sep 13th 2019

Gimme an...S....Gimme a...P...Gimme an I...Gimme an R...Gimme an I...Gimme a T...

What's that Spell?


It's that time of year again. Friday night lights, football players are geared up, dancers are entertaining the crowds, the band is playing and marching, and cheerleaders are amping up the fans. Speaking of fans, they certainly have flipped the old standard of just wearing their team colors and school spirit wear. Students are now supporting their teams by attending the games by turning it into an entire theme frenzy with each home and away game having an "out" theme. Whether it's Red Out, White Out, Hawaiian Out, or Neon Out...the students follow it to a T. 

Here is one of our customer's rendition on the gear she created to wear for her school's Red Out.

Rhinestoned School Spirit - Overalls       Rhinestoned School Spirit - Overalls 

Rhinestoned School Spirit - Heart      Rhinestoned School Spirit - Red Bow

These custom, spray painted overalls were adorned with Swarovski crystals in the following colors and sizes:

Light Siam 20ss & 30ss

  Swarovski Light Siam 30ss  

Crystal 12ss, 16ss, 20ss & 30ss

  Swarovski Crystal 30ss

Share with us some of your school spirit gear! We love getting photos of DIY crystal creations from our customers and love to be inspired by others! Go Team!