Rhinestone Colors

Choose Your Color  

Each rhinestone quality carried at Rhinestones Unlimited has its own color offering. Colors may be grouped into one of four different price points:

color-type-crystal.jpgCrystal – Clear crystal, the original and still the universal favorite, represents the lowest price point

color-type-standard.jpg Standard Colors – Pure pigment shades, usually replicating precious
and semi-precious gemstone colors

color-type-crystal-coated.jpg Crystal Coated Colors – Special effect shades, created by coating the top and/or underside of a clear Crystal stone

color-type-color-coated.jpg Color Coated Colors – Special effect shades, created by coating the top and/or underside of a Standard Color stone




Though you will find many shades of the same name across different qualities, they may vary slightly between manufacturers. We make every attempt to represent the colors and sizes of our products; however, as individual computers and printer settings can effect the images, they should only be used as approximations. As color is a personal experience through the eyes of the viewer, as well as one of the main elements in a design, we recommend investing in a Color Sample Card, which features actual rhinestones in all available colors.

We have Color Sample Cards in all five qualities of crystals, beads and pointed back crystal.

Rhinestone color charts are also available for viewing online. For exact color matching, we recommend you also purchase a sample card for the stone quality you will be using.

    • Swarovski Flat Back Rhinestone Color Chart for 2019
    • LUX Austrian Crystal Flat Back Rhinestone Color Chart
    • Preciosa Czech Crystal Flat Back Rhinestone Color Chart
    • PriceLess Crystal™ Flat Back Rhinestone Color Chart

Size Charts for Rhinestones

We also provide an online Rhinestone Size Chart, as well as a printable Rhinestone Size Chart (PDF format).