4th of July Nail Art

4th of July Nail Art

Posted by Crystals for Nails on Jul 1st 2019

Swarovski Crystal Nails Applied With GEMGEL Adhesive For The 4th Of July!

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Nail Techs, REGISTER for wholesale pricing with your nail tech license and read below for the time saving simple instructions for applying Swarovski crystals with GEMGEL Adhesive.  

Not a nail tech and want to DIY? Read below for step by step instructions for fun holiday nail art with Swarovski crystals and GEMGEL Adhesive.  

Red RhinestonesWhite RhinestonesBlue RhinestonesCrystal Rhinestones

Step 1: Prepare your nails by pushing your cuticles back, removing all polish or gel and buffing the surface of your nail lightly.  Crystals will adhere the best and last the longest on a harder surface such as acrylic or hard gel nails.

Step 2: After you have applied the base color polish or gel and before applying a top coat, apply GEMGEL Adhesive with a Gel Brush to the area of the nail that you would like to apply crystals.

Step 3:  Shake the Swarovski Crystalpixie or place the individual Swarovski crystals with a pick-up-tool into the GEMGEL Adhesive.  Lightly press the crystals into the gel and push crystals away from the cuticle to clean up the edges of the nails.  

Step 4: Cure with a UV/LED light for 60 seconds.  

Only one curing is required per hand - when you apply GEMGEL and place crystals there is no need to cure one nail at a time.  This saves a lot of application time!  The crystals will not shift around in the uncured gel because of the thick adhesive element!  

Step 5 (optional): Apply extra GEMGEL around the edges of the crystals and nails for extra security & cure again. 

HOW TO VIDEOS for Swarovski Crystal Nail Art with GEMGEL Adhesive  

Products used for this 4th of July Manicure

GEMGEL Adhesive

Crystalpixie Edge in Hearts Desire

Swarovski 2816 Stars in Crystal (Clear) 5mm

Swarovski 2058 Multi Size Pack 5ss, 7ss, 9ss in Lt Siam

Swarovski 2058 Multi Size Pack 5ss, 7ss, 9ss in Crystal

Swarovski 2058 8ss Size Pack in Montana Blue

Fourth of July Rhinestone Nails