Posted by Crystals For Nails on Mar 4th 2020

CRYSTALPIXIE™ is an innovative nail art product, which consists of hundreds of tiny crystals that are applied with nail polish or gel. These crystals create spectacular, shimmering 3D effects. Offering a multitude of colors and effects, creating trend or special occasion looks have never been this easy. Some of the crystals are cut and some are round; creating a mesmerizing effect. 


The classic version of Crystalpixie™ - renamed Crystalpixie™ Petite, is made up of a mixture of cut crystals and round stones in size 3pp. The best selling CUTE MOOD is available during this time of transition in 10g jars. 

In May 2020, Swarovski has announced that they will be re-launching their Crystalpixie products in new packaging.  Other anticipated highlights include new smaller single manicure retail-ready sized packaging and Crystalpixie Bubble available with different bubble sizes instead of the original mixed bubble size jars.  Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!


The Crystalpixie Petite palette will still include the relatively new  Crystalpixie™ Shimmer in four brilliant new colors: Aurora Shimmer turns up the heat to make a wild and passionate statement; Blue Lagoon Shimmer has a wonderfully fresh summery sensation; sophisticated Champagne Shimmer has a delicate sparkle and classic glamour, just like champagne in sunlight; and, Rose Shimmer creates a pretty powdery, feminine look. Inspired by the exuberant spirit of a sizzling summer-in-the-city rooftop cocktail party, each fizzes with light and color. The secret is in the iridescent Shimmer finish, which is designed to radiate three shades of a single hue. It makes light refractions more dynamic, color more vibrant and highlights ever movement made by the hands.


This is a funkier version of Crystalpixie™  Petite, which is made up of a mixture of cut crystals and round stones in size 3pp - the new Crystalpixie™ Edge shimmers with faceted 9pp stones. Crystalpixie™ Edge will also be re-launched in May 2020 and we look forward to updates to this fun and funky product offering. 

“Edge features thousands of loose crystals that glitter with a super-sharp bi-cone cut. Unconventional and brilliantly eye-catching, the effect is a glam-punk look that truly makes a statement.”


Crystalpixie™ Bubble will get everyone’s eyes a-popping with its glossy 3D bubbly effect. It’s made from hundreds of uncut crystal balls in three sizes, which, when clustered together, look like the iridescent froth created by your favorite luxury bath products!  Crystalpixie™ Bubble will be re-released with the different crystal ball sizes sold separately and not mixed in the same bottle.  


Check out these great how-to videos from Swarovski.  

Make sure you pick up the best gel adhesive available, our exclusive GEMGEL Adhesive This resin adhesive that cures like a gel will make your Crystalpixie application quick and easy and your manicure long-lasting.  Nail artists rave about the time savings that GEMGEL Adhesive has provided with their crystal nail art service.  

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