Trend Report: Spring & Summer Nails

Trend Report: Spring & Summer Nails

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on May 6th 2022

The snow is thawing, spring is arriving, and you know what that means: a MAJOR nail refresh. Today, I am diving into my favorite top nail trends for this spring and summer. Take it from me, it’s time to show off a manicure or pedicure that reflects your personality (or however you happen to be feeling at the moment, which is what I normally do!)

Glow Up with Neons

I am beyond OBSESSED with neon right now. The brightness, the color, the flair. (Plus, I’m a child of the 80s, what can I say, it’s in my blood?). It seems like neon is everywhere at the moment, and I truly couldn’t be happier.

Lest we forget, Beyonce’s stunning lime green look at this year’s Oscars. Neon is here to stay – at least for the time being.


Pop With Pastels

Spring nails always have me embracing my softer side and choosing pastels. These softer colors reflect the beautiful flowers popping up around us, and I love their delicacy. I also usually opt for a pastel manicure and pedicure if I have a more formal engagement coming up. Speaking of…

Pretty in Pearl & White Opal

Wedding and prom seasons mean pearls and white opal start showing up everywhere. If you’re looking for a sweeter, softer look, pearl and white opal are two of my go-to's. Adding a subtle crystal accent is a fun way to pop a spring look without going overboard. Or go all in and cover your nails in lighter crystals — that look can be absolutely stunning, especially for special occasions.



Have PRIDE in Your Nails

When I think of summer nails, I always think tons and tons of color. Whether you’re part of the community or an ally, decorate your nails with a rainbow sensation to celebrate and show off your LGBTQ+ pride! Luckily for you, we already made a DIY PRIDE NAILS TUTORIAL you can follow this June.

Want to create the look for yourself? Maxima Crystals by Preciosa® has tons of vibrant colors to choose from.

Mix It Up

Ready for the ultimate color scheme? Our mix packs have crystals for nails that sparkle up your manicure and pedicure dreams. Whether you’re gearing up for your wedding day or going wild for prom, we’ve got your nails covered.


Rhinestones Unlimited Has It All

After the long, dreary winter, it’s nice to toss off those gloves and boots to show off your nails. And nail trends right now have a little bit of something for everyone! Hungry for more inspiration or tutorials? Check out our CRYSTALS FOR NAILS YOUTUBE CHANNEL for everything you need nail-wise for the next few months.

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Jemm is a rhinestone enthusiast known for her undying love of nail trends, Pinot Noir, and classic 80s rock. You can always trust her to know every crystal tip, trick, and trend in the book. For her, obsession is an understatement. Stay tuned to her monthly blog to stay in the know and follow her musings!