You will love LUX Austrian Crystal Rhinestones®

Rhinestones Unlimited is a retailer of crystals and rhinestones for dancers, ice skaters, gymnasts, equestrians, and other costume designers or individuals in the performing arts. You can also use our rhinestones for jewelry, nails, and clothing!

What Are LUX Austrian Crystals? 

Our Austrian crystal rhinestones are a popular choice among customers. These premium high-quality crystals come from one of the two leading crystal manufacturers in the world. Our rhinestones are manufactured in Europe, and all come from the Bohemian glass-making tradition and craftmanship of Preciosa.  

Adding shimmer and shine that will elevate any costume, our LUX Austrian crystal rhinestones come in the popular sizes of 12ss (3mm) through 40ss (8mm). Don’t worry about finding the perfect color for your costume because we have you covered! From vintage rose, white opal, and amethyst to sapphire, emerald, and more, we have every color of LUX Austrian crystal in the rainbow (and then some) to ensure your costumes and creations dazzle to perfection.