Lux Austrian Crystal

The LUX Austrian Crystal™ line is a Rhinestones Unlimited exclusive brand, a premiere line debuting in 2015.  Our customers love this rhinestone!

Made in Austria in the world’s most advanced crystal manufacturing facilities, in a region with a rich history of crystal innovation and craftsmanship, this lead-free crystal is among the finest on the market. Extracting the deepest depths of light with 9+3 faceting for a total of 12 cuts, every detail from pure ingredients and angles to durable foiling and premier colors and effects—even hotfix glue application—employs some of the most cutting-edge technology in the world.

The LUX Austrian Crystal™ collection is available in over 80 colors and the six best-selling sizes, from 12ss to 40ss.


LUX Austrian Crystal™ Flat Backs 
LUX Austrian Crystal™ Hotfix